Drag Me to Hell Review

Starring Alison Lohman

Directed by Sam Raimi

Drag Me to Hell is a hell of a ride (Sorry to begin with such an obvious pun but it couldn’t be helped), bringing hilarious and spine-tingling horror moments back from Sam Raimi. In the same style as the Evil Dead trilogy, Drag Me to Hell blends horror and humor with frightening possessions and disgusting fluids on the screen. It is a deliciously (I use the term loosely because nothing is delicious about body fluids being swallowed in mass quantities) funny, hair-raising horror film, bringing gypsy curses and dark spirits to the next level.

Directed by Sam Raimi, Drag Me to Hell is about Christine Brown, a farm girl on her way to having everything that she wants: a devoted boyfriend moments away from proposing, a promotion at the bank on the horizon, and an amazing future ahead of her. However, everything changes when Christine becomes a victim of a curse from an old woman, who she refused to give an extension on a loan. Now Christine has only three days to dissuade an evil spirit from dragging her soul to hell.

Drag Me to Hell is a testimony to Sam Raimi’s genius in the horror genre, mixing horror and humor in an obvious manner that has viewers chuckling one minute and jumping the next. Since the Evil Dead trilogy, horror fans have been waiting for his return to the horror genre (Everybody loves Spider-Man, not so much with the third installment nonetheless we desperately wanted Sam back in the horror moviemaking scene). He doesn’t disappoint with Drag Me to Hell and any fans of the Evil Dead trilogy will agree.

Filled with grotesque amounts of bodily fluids and frightening shadows of dark spirits, Drag Me to Hell appeases the most seasoned horror fan. The shrill sounds of the violin, a trademark with the Evil Dead trilogy, causes the heart to pound when the shadows creep along the floorboards. The most frightening parts about Drag Me to Hell involve the unseen dark spirit that torments Christine’s last days: the unseen or the unknown is one of the horror elements that touches us deepest.

As a fan of the Evil Dead trilogy, I was thrilled to learn of Sam Raimi’s return to the horror genre. Drag Me to Hell did not disappoint me, especially when thinking back on his previous horror films. It is a tribute to the horror elements that made the Evil Dead trilogy, but it is also a solid horror film in its own right. Drag Me to Hell pulls you in, where hell is waiting for you. With its mixture of horror and humor, Drag Me to Hell delivers a horror film with terrifying and crazy moments until the credits roll. The main thing I learned from this horror film was never piss off a gypsy because 1) she will curse you, 2) she will die immediately after cursing you, and 3) you will be completely shit out of luck.


~ by nicmarray on October 23, 2009.

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