Halloween Taglines from Hell

Halloween, the night for trick-or-treating and supernatural mischief, is a week away, and in keeping with the holiday spirit, I wish to share the hallowed taglines from the Halloween film series, old and new. Some of the taglines are catchy and thoughtful, speaking to the primal fear in us all when dealing with a masked killer loose on Halloween night. Others are quirky catchphrases and repetitive words that make viewers laugh at the clíched statements, which is inevitable once a film series reaches its seventh or eighth installment or its been reimagined.

 Halloween (1978)

The trick is to stay alive.

The night HE came home!

Everyone is entitled to one good scare.

Trick or treat… or die.

Let’s celebrate the horror.

The trick was to stay alive.

Being that this is the first installment of the Halloween film series, a solid mixture of taglines was supplied to the audience of the film (except for the strategically changed tenses in the first and last taglines listed). The taglines geared toward the holiday are by far my favored ones – Trick or treat… or die (nothing spells Halloween debauchery like death and chocolate). The ever popular tagline (The night HE came home!) is synonymous with the film series, he’s home after years of waiting.

 Halloween II (1981)

The nightmare isn’t over.

More of the night HE came home.

The boogieman is back.

Just when you though it was safe to go trick-or-treating…

They couldn’t stop him… Now he’s back!

It’s not only a murderer… it’s an indestructible terror!

The nightmare continues in the second installment, following the events of the first Halloween film. The children confused Michael Myers for the boogeyman, which brought one to the forefront of my mind when listing these taglines. Halloween is always a season that brings out the horror fiend in me; however, my personal favorite would have to be the reference to an indestructible terror (Michael does seem quite unstoppable). Some of these taglines are revisions from the first installment of the film series, which is predictable with sequels.

 Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

… and now the earth will run with blood again!

Witchcraft enters the computer age, and a different terror begins.

The night no one comes home.

The Halloween horror continues.

This is the Halloween film that left Michael dead and buried, which accounts for the lack of him being mentioned (no HE’s back for this continuation of the Halloween franchise). Unlike the previous installments, a mere four taglines were found for this film though another Halloween film has a measly two taglines. The funniest tagline dealing with witchcraft and the computer age made me laugh, it certainly was a different terror compared with the other films in this Halloween-centered franchise (thankfully Michael returned with his mask and knife to wreak havoc on the holiday).

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Ten years ago HE changed the face of Halloween. Tonight HE’s back.

HE’s back!

Horror has returned to Haddonfield.

It’s gonna be one hell of a family reunion!

Michael is back and with those taglines that is what we know and some may love. The taglines for the fourth installment don’t leave room for imagination, straightforward and direct these taglines tell us one thing: HE’s back and it is going to be hell.

It would have been appreciated if the taglines brought something new and different, but the old tried and true favored taglines were present. No favorites among these taglines, which is kind of disappointing when we were waiting for his return after the fiasco without Michael.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Michael lives, and this time they’re ready!

He’s back with a vengeance.

Michael will always be back, which has been nailed into our brains for over thirty years now. I won’t go into any great detail with this sequel and the previous one and their outward similarities (I will leave that for future blogging opportunities), but I must say that I was disappointed.

Two taglines, I could not believe that there were only two. It is bad enough that I will not be debating the similarities between this and the previous installment’s film poster. It just saddens me. Two taglines alone when the next installment in the Halloween franchise comes back with a vengeance: four solid taglines that bring the fear back to our minds.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Six times the terror… Six times the fear… Six times the thrills…

Terror never rests in peace!

Everyone knows his name. Now, everyone will know the truth.

The only thing more terrifying than how it began, is how it will end.

With the sixth installment of the Halloween film series, the taglines were  back and better than ever. Some of my personal favorites are among the taglines for Michael Myers’ curse – Terror never rests in peace! I especially enjoy the subtle 666 reference in the first tagline listed, it may actually be my all-time favorite tagline of the Halloween franchise. Satanic symbolism put aside, these taglines are impressive considering that this is the sixth installment of the film franchise.

Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later (1998)

This summer, terror won’t be taking a vacation.

Blood is thicker than water.

20 years ago, HE changed the face of Halloween. Tonight, HE’s back!

Trick or treat. Kill or die. It’s that time of year again.

Always with the HE’s back phrase, Halloween certainly wouldn’t be  the same film unless mentioning that he is back again and again. The most corny tagline has to be the first mentioned above, but corny ones are typical of 90s mainstream horror films.

This anniversary film was the first film in the Halloween franchise that I viewed, it was only months after that I watched the original that spawned this film. The only redeeming tagline is the holiday centered one – Trick or treat. Kill or die. It’s that time of year again.

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Evil finds its way home.

Evil never dies. You can burn it, you can shoot it, you can lock it up forever, but evil never dies.

The shape is back in action.

Brother vs. Sister… for one last time!

The last installment of the original Halloween franchise, when evil was at its best in the taglines. Evil is evil and evil is Michael Myers according to some of the taglines for Resurrection. It is unstoppable and the battle between beloved daughter and forgotten son is at an end (at least for Jamie Lee Curtis).

But the other tagline and its mentioned shape is seemingly out-of-place, what shape is it referencing? Is it the mask? The knife Michael wields? I am uncertain of this shape, but apparently it is back in action!

Halloween (2007)

Evil has a destiny.

When darkness fell, HE arrived.

The face behind the mask.

Evil. Unmasked.

He has arrived once again, the Halloween redux for the next generation, with a more in-depth background story for our knife-wielding, mask-wearing killer Michael Myers. It is all about the evil and the unmasking of truth behind his origins.

Favorite of the Rob Zombie reimagination is special and true to the reinvention of the character – The face behind the mask. We all know he’s evil, we just didn’t realize how deep that darkness consumed his soul.

Halloween II (2009)

Family is forever.

You can run. You can hide. Or, you can fight… LIKE HELL.

They survived the terror… but they can’t escape their destiny.

It is all about destiny, mentioned in the tagline used for the first installment of this new imagining of the Halloween film series, and no one can escape it. No favored taglines for the latest film in the franchise, but what can be expected when so many have been mentioned in this Halloween holiday film franchise.

We have survived the taglines dedicated to the holiday favorite of October. Some were catchy, some were forgettable, and some were downright unnecessary. Halloween is only one of the horror franchises to overuse, abuse, and reimagine the taglines for each individual film in the series. Be your own judge when looking over these taglines and others that I will be sharing in the coming months, nothing says good horror like gruesomely worded taglines.

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