Black Mill Cove Review

Dark DelicaciesDark Delicacies, an anthology of original tales of terror and the macabre by the world’s greatest horror writers, holds a treasure trove of horror short stories for old and new audiences. The second story within its pages is “Black Mill Cove” by Lisa Morton, which is the focus on this review (in the coming months, I will be reviewing individual short stories and the full anthology Dark Delicacies separately).

“Black Mill Cove” is a tale about a man Jim and his wife Maren camping in the woods near Black Mill Cove. Recently, Jim and Maren fought because of the recent shark attacks near Black Mill Cove and Jim’s lack of fear when traversing the cove’s waters alone. After receiving the silent treatment, Jim hikes to the cove alone in the pursuit of abalones. Frightened by thoughts of the shark attacks, Jim stumbles upon the arm of a human being in the shallow ponds. However, Jim finds something much worse when he scrambles to leave the cove only to see some unknown man traversing downward to the waters.

“Black Mill Cove” is a straightforward and suspenseful horror story, causing eyes to travel over pages quickly to finish. The story built the tension up with thoughts of shark attacks and it turned me around with the arrival of the unknown man. The ending was slightly predictable, and I saw it coming once certain actions occurred in the story. However, “Black Mill Cove” was a decent horror short story. Remember, never go out alone when camping or it could be your last trip.


~ by nicmarray on October 27, 2009.

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