Fear Clinic – Episode 1: Hydrophobia

Fear ClinicFEARnet’s original series, unfolding over five webisodes, tells the story of Dr. Andover and his unrelenting desire to cure the fears of humanity. Horror icon Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger of the Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise) stars as the maniacal genius Dr. Andover. His methods of treatment are extreme, using a machine that can bring any worst fear to life.

He wants you to be cured... or to suffer through the terror.

He wants you to be cured...

The first webisode focuses on the fear of water. Brett is afraid, diagnosed with hydrophobia; he begins his treatments with Dr. Andover and his fear chamber. Will Brett be cured of his phobia or will the fear clinic be his last resting place?

Brett’s fears are caused by a past event involving his dead mother, her grotesque image manifesting during his sessions in the fear chamber. Are the majority of events that occur during the webisode merely illusions of Brett’s mind and his psychosis within the fear chamber? Are Dr. Andover’s methods proactive in the defense against fear?

Mommy Dearest


FEARnet’s original series begins with the meat and bones of the story, there is no time for filler in the 7 minute webisode. I was thrilled when I learned that Robert Englund was the “good” doctor, Fear Clinic is beginning with tension-filled moments and fearful delights. I know answers will be given, but I cannot help wondering who our mysterious narrator is and what her story is in the walls of the fear clinic.


~ by nicmarray on October 27, 2009.

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