Fear Clinic – Episode 2: Scotophobia

Fear ClinicThe second installment of FEARnet’s original series is about Susan, the narrator of the first episode and currently a patient of the “good” doctor at the clinic. Susan is afraid of the dark or rather she fears what lives in the darkness. Her fear’s origin is unknown, unlike Bret’s, which brings more questions about her forward in my mind.

The 7 minute webisode begins in the cafeteria with her fellow inmates, excuse me patients, of the fear clinic. Fellow phobias abound in this episode when they introduce themselves to her, hinting to the viewer of the webisodes to come. Her blog, which she secretly posts via a stolen Blackberry, brought two of those patients to the doors of the fear clinic. Susan is sarcastic and arrogant when speaking to her fellow patients that is until Dr. Andover arrives and asks her to share her fear with the others.


Are you afraid of the dark?

Creatures lay in wait in the darkness, striking at Susan when the fear takes hold of her mind. I was excited when I learned this episode’s title, darkness is a primal fear that stems from fear of the unknown and the unexpected. Darkness has always been a symbol of the unstoppable forces to me, we cannot see or hear what await us in the end.

Sweet Meat

Can you say stereotypically creepy male nurse?

The fear is real in this webisode. More questions are forming with the fear chamber and Dr. Andover’s methods. When is it real? When is it in the mind? Where does the line between reality and the mind meet? The manifestation of their fears is going to become so much more haunting, I can tell.

~ by nicmarray on October 28, 2009.

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