Dead and Lonely – Episode 1: Date or Die

Dead and’s new thrilling web series is written and directed by Ti West. Dead and Lonely tells the story of two lonely people living in Los Angeles who are looking for love. The only problem is one of them is a vampire, which could be a possibility when using an online dating website. Bringing the vampire-human romance to the digital age via online dating services, and our leading vampire Lee thinks our newly single Justin is a cutie-pie.


I'm not a vampire, I just have abnormally long canines.

With the ever-growing popularity of vampires and the old fans looking for some new and interesting vampire stories, Dead and Lonely is catering to that audience. It wasn’t surprising after reading the title of this web series and this first webisode that the horror subject was vampires. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the vampire of the series is female: Lee, her vampire fangs poking out at the end of the webisode.

Justin is the mere mortal, heartbroken by his recent breakup, he just seems lonely and a tad bit pathetic in this first installment. No words were spoken from the main characters during this webisode. Dead and Lonely is certainly not frightening or horrifying in any way, but I am a sucker for vampire-human romances (apparently I cannot get away from the puns even when I am not trying). I will be checking out the rest of the web series in the coming days alongside FEARnet’s Fear Clinic.

~ by nicmarray on October 29, 2009.

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