Fear Clinic – Episode 3: Entomophobia

Fear ClinicThe third installment of the FEARnet’s original series is focused on the fear of bugs, spiders specifically in this webisode of Fear Clinic. Jackie knows all about bugs, she studied them in the rainforest and those studies led to her phobia, known as entomophobia. In the beginning of this webisode, Jackie is seen within the fear chamber, which puts all of the events in the episode into question: What is real?

Spider Sedative

Hold still...

Our stereotypical male nurse is back for this next installment, Villatoro is a vindictive character who has an entire set of issues himself. Dr. Andover and Villatoro have a volatile relationship as the “good” doctor and ex-con male nurse, their conversation put my teeth on edge. Villatoro may take this web series to the next level in fear, he may be willing to do what the “good” doctor cannot when the fears begin to manifest in reality.

Jackie begins hallucinating in this webisode, her fear is too much. She even believes that a sedative needle is a spider infesting her body with its eggs. I am not a fan of spiders, let me rephrase that statement, spiders creep me out! Disgusting creatures, those spindly legs and those beady eyes staring, I have yet to watch Arachnophobia for those various reasons.

Self Preservation

Get 'em outta me!

The fear is definitely kicked up another notch during this installment, Jackie gets her hands on a knife and starts cutting the spider eggs and hatchlings out of her body. She starts butchering her own flesh, bringing the gore and mutilation to FEARnet’s original series. In the end, Jackie is unconscious on a hospital bed with Dr. Andover and Nurse Owen discussing the fear manifesting in reality. However, Susan overhears their conversation in the doorway. I wonder where the fear will take us next.

~ by nicmarray on October 30, 2009.

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