Fear Clinic – Episode 4: Misophobia

Fear ClinicThe fear continues with the fourth installment of the web series, bringing Ajax, the resident germ freak, to the forefront. His fears are generated by his mother, who died from a flesh-eating disease.

Ajax encountered Jackie when she was infected by spiders, her blood making contact with his flesh. Flying into a spiral of madness, Ajax washes his hands obsessively until his hand sanitizer lands in the biohazard basket. Germs and other substances mock him as he reaches for it, infecting him with every germ and disease imaginable.


Can you feel the germs crawling over your flesh?

Villatoro gets knocked out, pushed around, and covered in black gooey substances in this webisode. His character, even with the stereotypes mentioned in previous entries, is becoming my second favorite character in this web series (Dr. Andover is inevitably the favored character for me). He wields an axe with precision, delivering blows to the mass of disease that has infected Ajax.

By the end of this episode, one patient is dead and another is close to death himself. Can anyone escape the clinic with their life and face their fears?

~ by nicmarray on November 1, 2009.

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