Fear Clinic – Episode 5: Claustrophobia

Fear ClinicIt happened. The end of Fear Clinic after five webisodes; I stopped myself from throwing the laptop out the window after the credits rolled. Fear Clinic was amazing, and the ending is open for the web series to continue, if FEARnet makes that decision. With the comments and tweets from fans, Fear Clinic desperately needs to continue.

This final installment was about Jonte, who fears enclosed spaces since witnessing his brother’s death when hiding in the confines of a car trunk. His fears manifest with Jonte being surrounded by his fellow gang members, dead and rotting, in a grave. He faces his fears, but his inhaler unexpected transforms into a bone gun (or something of that nature). Susan witnesses his death, but she is pulled back to her rooms in the clinic by Villatoro.

Dead Men

Blood for blood.

The ending of Fear Clinic leaves the web series open-ended, even with the deaths of three patients (Jackie, Jonte, and either Brett or Ajax). Dr. Andover’s work has only just begun and Susan still remains in the halls of the clinic. Fear Clinic gives fear a new name! Personally, I want the work of Dr. Andover to continue because so many more phobias can be explored. Even if I would be placed in the fear chamber because of acrophobia (fear of heights), Fear Clinic should continue to blur the lines between irrational fear and reality.

~ by nicmarray on November 2, 2009.

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