The Seer Review

Dark DelicaciesMirror, mirror, on the wall. How will I die? Daniel knows how everyone will die, even himself in this short story from Dark Delicacies. “The Seer” by Robert Steven Rhine tells the story of Daniel, a middle-aged man who can see the future in the reflection of mirrors (or any other reflective surface like whiskey in a glass).

Daniel and his wife Mindy travel to a Christmas party in their small town in New Hampshire. Mindy is disgusted when he cannot be in the walls of the house without drinking, but his abilities haunt him. He sees within the bathroom mirror how each person at the party will die, shattering the glass with his fist.

He knows when he will die, listening to the ticking of his watch. He knows when he will die, the same way that his father and his father’s father died after not being able to handle their abilities any longer. On his 53rd birthday, Daniel will die with the barrel of a gun in his mouth.

This short story was more psychological than the previous ones read in this anthology. Bringing forth questions about fate and destiny, it makes readers think about their mortality and what freewill they truly possess. Daniel brings up the point that even when he tells people of their future, they try desperately to stop it, but in doing so they push the events to occur.

This short story was intriguing, it didn’t bring out any horrifying moments with gore and blood. It makes us think and ponder, and fear is most potent in the mind to me.

~ by nicmarray on November 4, 2009.

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