Shadow of the Vampire Quick Review

Shadow of the Vampire tells the story behind the production of the silent film Nosferatu. The story blurs the lines between the production of the film and the reality of the situation, in this reproduction of filming Nosferatu, the starring role of the Count is portrayed by a vampire.

The director Murnau hires an actual vampire known as Max Schreck  to play the part of Count Orlock. The vampire agrees to act for a price, the blood of the leading lady of the film: Greta. Only Murnau knows the true nature of the Count, who is seen as a complex actor who delves deep into his characters to the cast and crew members. However, Max begins to kill some of them without the others realizing that he is very much a vampire.

The relationship between Max and Murnau was the most interesting part of the film, it certainly wasn’t terrifying though Max is quite creepy with his looming figure and his bulging eyes. His nails certainly gave me the chills when they clicked together when he grew upset. However, Murnau and Max are the only ones who know the truth from the very beginning of the film shooting. Murnau has promised the vampire, offering the life of his leading actress in exchange of bringing the most realistic vampire film to date to the masses.

Murnau’s methods bring forth many questions, especially with the ending of Shadow of the Vampire. Who is the real monster between them? Max Schreck or Murnau? An immortal creature that must sustain himself with human blood or the human who films the end sequence of events without stopping the creature from killing? Who is the real monster?


~ by nicmarray on November 10, 2009.

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