30 Days of Night: Blood Trails – Part 1

30 Days of Night: Blood TrailsFEARnet and Ghost House pictures an original series based on the graphic novel “30 Days of Night.” Little is known after the first episode, we are introduced to George and Jenny. We are introduced to Judith and one of her contacts, who does not make it in the end of this webisode.

Real Vampire

Those nails could use some trimming.

Finally, some real vampires once again. I was a fan of the film 30 Days of Night, but I did not investigate further into that vampire mythology nor did I purchase the graphic novel that spawned the film and these original series. These vampires are vicious and deadly, no seduction with their kills. Pure inevitable mayhem with fangs and claws (those nails are hideously long).

This webisode left me with unanswered questions, which is expected when it starts with the end and turns the clock back two days earlier. George has been through hell, let’s see what sort of hell it really was. When it comes to vampires, I like them dark and vicious. Nothing pleases me more than vampires who are less brooding and more devouring (unless werewolves are involved then I love them best).

~ by nicmarray on November 12, 2009.

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