30 Days of Night: Blood Trails – Part 3

30 Days of Night: Blood TrailsIn the last installment (part 2), George ran into his past drug dealer in the bar, where his contact came from. The unknown number written in his contact’s blood on his arm covered by his sleeve. The drug dealer was dispatched in the bathroom, leaving George covered in blood and free to make it to his next destination.

In this webisode, George finds his way to Pat, a computer guru, who is working to find out about the vampires and their attacking schedules. Apparently, the vampires are all about the technology, scheduling attacks using the internet to coordinate their efforts. Pat uses the blood message on George’s arm, the access code to their system. Pat contacts Kate via the computer, which brings about my favorite kill of the web series so far.

Bloody Kitchen

He didn't even get to finish...

More of the story is coming together, but I am still uncertain about some of the characters introduced and how long they will last in this web series alongside our leading man George. The vampires are still amazingly vicious and cruel, never spouting out silken words or promises. And the kill was amazing, Kate’s lover being killed in the kitchen while she listens to music on her computer when working on decrypting the information: Beautifully silent other than the music blaring from her headphones. However, I was less than impressed by the sex scene so strategically placed in this webisode. But it wasn’t unexpected, sex scenes are almost mandatory and it wasn’t the most obviously placed sex scene that I have seen. I will continue to view and review more installments from the web series 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails.

~ by nicmarray on November 14, 2009.

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