30 Days of Night: Blood Trails – Part 7

In the last installment (part 6), Jenny dispatched Pat, using one of his swords to decapitate him as he turned against her and George. With their only option to seek out another contact named Luis, George and Jenny think that they are safe in his apartment. Wrong! Jenny is grabbed right in front of George, pulled into the shadowed corridors on the lower level of Luis’ apartment.

Oh no, George! Right after an almost proclamation of love...

George goes after Jenny, but finds her too late in the darkened corridor with her back toward him until she attacks. With no other choice, George kills his girlfriend with a rusty pipe, decapitating her before she can kill him or worse turn him into a vampire. He escapes with information about the vampires’ next attack, prying the piece of paper from Luis’ cold, dead hand alongside the remaining parts of his body. Luis was a hot mess of blood and guts thrown about the room.

And we are back to the beginning again, George taken down by the cop because of his bloodied appearance. However, the key information learned is that the vampires are heading to Barrow, Alaska. It was a prelude to the film 30 Days of Night, I was unaware of that fact when first beginning to watch these webisodes. This web series was a nice prelude to the film, bringing more back story to the vampires. And I am all about back story and mythology when it comes to anything horror.

~ by nicmarray on November 22, 2009.

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