Horror to be Thankful for – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Note: This entry is the fourth part of a continuous series in which I list, describe, ridicule, poke fun at, and sing my praises for horror films I am thankful for. Check for weekly updates until the end of November.

A Nightmare on Elm Street holds a special place in my beating heart, being the first viewed on a long list of 80s slasher films that I missed as a child frightened of horror.

Don’t fall asleep because you may never wake up, nightmares are completely in our minds. However, when you venture into Freddy’s world, you play by his rules, which means you die!

Nancy is having grisly nightmares. Meanwhile, her high school friends are having the very same dreams of a man with knives for fingers. One by one they are being slaughtered in their sleep by the hideous fiend of their shared nightmares. With no help from the authorities, Nancy confronts the killer in his shadowed realm of nightmares.

Top 5 Moments of the Film

1. Tina dies in her sleep, but it is not a peaceful death. Her body is thrown around like a rag doll, sliding up the walls and rolling around the ceiling as her boyfriend Rod watches unable to stop the horror of her nightmares. It is the featured kill in A Nightmare on Elm Street, being sliced open and her body levitating from the bed.

2. The well-known jump rope song spawned for A Nightmare on Elm Street. Sung by girls jumping rope throughout the film, it tells the tale of Freddy and his plot of haunting children’s nightmares. “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, better stay awake. Nine, ten, never sleep again.” Nancy also sings it when she is the bathtub when Freddy’s clawed hand creeps from the waters.

3. Freddy alone! I cannot choose one singular moment in the film that he is involved with to single out because all of the moments must be pictured to really portray Freddy. He is so much different compared with the other, silent stalkers of 80s slasher films, such as Jason and Michael. He is vulgar, rude, and snide, a man who never stops jeering at his victims before he kills them.

4. Nancy takes a trip through Freddy’s world with Glen watching over her to wake her up before Freddy can kill her. She witnesses Freddy entering falsely accused Rod’s cell, encountering the body bagged Tina before Freddy comes after her. She delivers one of my favorite lines from the film after being woken up by her alarm clock: “Glen, you bastard.” He fell asleep, bad move!

5. Glen, poor Glen, got sucked into his bed along with his television set, only to be spewed out in a fountain of blood. It is another iconic death scene from the first installment of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Oh Johnny, and it was your first starring role!

A Nightmare on Elm Street is such a treat for me. I was once so freaked out by Freddy’s appearance that when a younger kid dressed up like the razor-gloved villain, I avoided him the entire night at this party when I was in elementary school. His makeup had been undeniably creepy! But now, I cannot stop from laughing at Freddy’s zany one-liners and his grotesque antics. A Nightmare on Elm Street introduced such an amazingly creepy and creative 80s slasher villain. Come to Freddy!

Special Note: I would like to thank the amazing BodyBags Count site for being a wonderful resource for the kills from all of the classics.

~ by nicmarray on November 25, 2009.

One Response to “Horror to be Thankful for – A Nightmare on Elm Street”

  1. Great overview! I watched this flick over break. I’d totally forgot the young Mr. Johnny Depp was in it.

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