The Fall Review

Ryan is afraid of the dark and what resides in that darkness. From Dark Delicacies, “The Fall” by D. Lynn Smith tells the story of Ryan and his family, living in southern Florida.

“The Fall” is written in Ryan’s perspective of the story, remembering past events related to the current issues with his family. His mother is dead, killed by his father for what she has become. His twin siblings killed by the creature that changed his loving mother.

Ryan’s father captures the creature, experimenting on him and learning more about what it is. However, his father’s obsession leaves Ryan alone to dwell and to remember the deaths of his mother and the twins.

The creature is taunting, hissing at Ryan’s father and enthralling Ryan with its gaze. But Ryan knows that fear held him back, kept him silent and unmoving as the twins were killed before his eyes. Ryan is no longer afraid, and even when the truth of the creature is revealed: He feels no fear nor remorse.

“The Fall” was much more than a simple ‘creature creeping in the night’ short story. The reader has to ask the question of what is right and what is wrong versus what is just and what is unjust.

Ryan made his choice, he will hunt down every last one of the creatures even with the knowledge of their true nature. This short story was amazingly written, and I would like to read more of Ryan and his quest to rid the world of the creatures.


~ by nicmarray on November 26, 2009.

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