Fear Itself – Eater (Director’s Cut)

Recently, Fear Itself came into my possession. The complete first season of the anthology series with 13 episodes of suspense and horror to dive into for the long Thanksgiving weekend.

The first episode, Eater, tells the story about rookie cop Danny Bannerman who spends the night in an isolated precinct guarding a serial killer. The serial killer happens to eat his victims and is intent on making Danny his next “meal.”

Danny is the only female in her precinct, dealing with the normal sexist comments from the older, male police officers. She is even a horror fan, reading a magazine when they are being informed of the prisoner and his arrival. Danny even corrects her fellow cops when they make comments about the cannibal serial killer, referencing Silence of the Lambs.

The Cajun cannibal is massive, tall with greasy dark hair, and he has a pension for voodoo. One by one Danny’s fellow cops that are left at the isolated precinct are acting strange, using the same mannerisms and sweating profusely. It seems that what her fellow officer said about cannibals being able to eat a person’s heart and obtain their spirit may be true.

This episode was surprisingly good, considering that it was the first of the horror and suspense anthology series. Several of the other episodes have far surpassed this one in my eyes, but Eater was a good jumping point for the anthology series. Danny makes the ultimate sacrifice to rid the world of the serial killer who tortures and eats his victims. Kudos to her! And I was not expecting the voodoo angle to play out as well as it did, the Cajun cannibal had some talent behind those gnarly teeth.

I was impressed by the use of the cannibal’s flashbacks, using scenes from a previous victim’s terror to make his presence more ominous. His male victims were killed immediately, but he tortured the females before eating them. In the flashbacks, the Cajun cannibal even fed a woman her own tongue for dinner. Yuck!


~ by nicmarray on November 27, 2009.

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  1. Wow. How did I miss this?

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