Horror to be Thankful for – Scream

Note: This entry is the last part of a continuous series in which I list, describe, ridicule, poke fun at, and sing my praises for horror films I am thankful for. Check for weekly updates until the end of November.

Scream. It is the pinnacle of the 90s horror film, and it is the only horror franchise in the teen horror genre in the 90s that I enjoyed over and over again. Scream holds a special place in my heart because it is the first horror film that I voluntarily watched as a middle school student. After years of childhood fears of the gripping music and sudden jolts of panic, I sat down and I watched a horror film. Embracing the horror genre ever since, Scream ultimately popped my horror cherry and that is why I am thankful for it.

Sadly, I realized too late that I had given my VHS copy of Scream away. It was at home, collecting dust in the old cabinet with its fellow forgotten VHS tapes, or so I thought. So the usual top 5 moments of the film will not be listed, instead I intend to merely sing the praises and poke fun at the film in a much less structured manner.

Where do I begin? With that creepy calling killer and his ghost mask that was seen every Halloween following the release of Scream, I could not believe the variation in that mask after years of seeing the same hooded figure with black gloves, a wicked knife, and the trademark mask. I seriously wanted to punch some of those kids during the last Halloween I gave out candy, seriously the mask never bled in the film. Keep it classic!

But the killer, or killers, made that film amazing! Spinning from the old horror movie rules of the 80s, Scream was brilliant and a laugh riot when it came to Billy and Stuart. Those two guys were psychotic, but at least they did their homework and kept with the rules. Randy was such a good boy to explain the horror film rules to everyone, too bad the majority of them did not listen and ultimately met their demise. What a good little virgin, Randy survived but he would meet his end in the second installment. Oops! Somebody went against one of the cardinal rules of horror and had sex, sex = death.

And dear sweet Sidney, poor girl’s mother was a slut and she had to pay for it! Sadly, I rarely see Neve Campbell in any other films that I watch. She was a scream queen for the 90s! At least she will always have Scream and the trilogy to look back on, unless the rumored fourth installment ever happens. I am unsure about that, it has been over a decade since the original but it could happen. And I would see it! I would not be able to stop myself.

~ by nicmarray on November 30, 2009.

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