Fear Itself – Spooked

Spooked is the second episode of the horror and suspense anthology series Fear Itself. Something about the ghosts or the demons of someone’s past is always intriguing.

This episode of Fear Itself was kind of a letdown, even with the solid back story of the episode’s protagonist and the reason why he is the way he is. I just could not bring myself to say that I enjoyed it wholeheartedly after the credits rolled on this episode. It was not intolerable, nor was it the worse ghost story I have seen or read, but Spooked just didn’t do it for me.

Something was missing, maybe it had to do with the ritualistic spray paintings on the walls or the lack of the mysterious woman’s back story other than the obvious facts. Maybe I am distracted by the gore and mayhem of recent films, but this ghost story did not cut it for me compared with some of the other episodes of Fear Itself.

Spooked tells the story of a private eye hired by a mysterious woman to stake out her husband in a haunted house from across the street. Once entering the house, he is forced to confront the demons of his past.

Let me say that I enjoyed the character of Harry immensely. His back story, his gritty attitude from being a veteran cop, his gravelly voice; I admit that Harry was amazing. His character kept me interested during the episode.

However, the mysterious woman whose brother was one of his victims in Harry’s harsh interrogations was the cause of my mental hiccups when it came to wholeheartedly enjoying the episode. She was the main reason that Spooked just didn’t do it for me.

It was obvious that she would be the cause of his demise, but again that did not devalue my opinion of the episode. It was just her, something about her character and the lack of real information about what went on in that haunted house when she was there. She escaped with her life, but the others who are spray painted on the walls did not.

Spooked was certainly a solid ghost story, but the mysterious woman character just tainted the episode for me. In the end, she won and Harry lost. Just rewards and all that jazz, but she still made me think twice about watching the episode again.

Poor Harry dies in the end by accident. Bang. Bang. Harry’s dead.


~ by nicmarray on December 2, 2009.

One Response to “Fear Itself – Spooked”

  1. omg i LOVED that show 😦 to bad it got canceled but I heard its on dvd now…to bad im broke :/ lol

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