30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust – Part 2

The events of Dust to Dust occur three weeks after the attack in Barrow, Alaska (the events of the film 30 Days of Night). George is back! Sadly, he is behind bars for the murder of his girlfriend even though she was already a bloodthirsty vampire. I was completely thrilled to see Ted Raimi as one of the prison guards, apparently ole Georgie is being transferred to another prison. Too bad the vampires are still after him!

We are introduced to three new characters: siblings Nick and Sara, and police detective Gina. Nick recently handed in his badge, and Gina is his former partner. Sara works as a nurse in the prison and is called in to sedate George, she is caught in the crossfire of the vampire attack.

Num Num Num


George escapes the vampire attack with the lone vampire tracking him. Sara runs after being injured by the vampire’s claws, but it would seem that Sara has bigger problems than a simple slit throat. Nick goes after George once he arrives on the scene, even when his former partner Gina discourages him. George and Nick’s paths convene at a local drug dealer’s home when the vampire attacks once again.

The vampire in Dust to Dust is not what I expected, seeing Blood Trails and the original film 30 Days of Night in the past, it might have something to do with his hairstyle (as weird as that sounds). It is blond and spiky. And I know what you all are thinking, blonds can be changed into vampires too! But his hair distracts me just a little bit. Overall, this web series seems much more action packed. And I was so excited to see good ole Georgie once again!


~ by nicmarray on December 7, 2009.

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