30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust – Part 4

FEARnet and Ghost House Pictures bring this webseries to a more personal level as Sara slowly changes into a monster and her dear brother Nick learns the truth about her condition from the aftermath of the prison transfer attack.

George and Nick escape the clutches of the vampire, giving ole Georgie enough time to explain to dear Nick that his sister is turning into one of those bloodthirsty creatures. Meanwhile, Sara is taken in by a concerned woman, controlling herself briefly before she chomps on the woman’s dog like a midnight snack.

Food better be on the table when I get home...

Nick traces where Sara called him before she was pulled out from the cold night, finding the dead body of the woman in her apartment. Gina surprises both Nick and George, which almost causes her to be the first meal of the newly turned woman. Gina lets both Nick and George leave, heading back to Sara and Nick’s home, which is familiar to Sara and where she might hide during the daylight hours.

We finally learn why the vampires are still after ole Georgie. He has a combination to a lock box tattooed on his chest, where footage that could expose them is stored. Nick and George make it to the house, but they won’t be alone for long.

I was impressed by the slow transformation of Sara, which is logically slower because it was a scratch rather than a bite. She keeps saying that she’s sorry to the woman who was trying to help her before biting her. But no matter how much she fights it, Sara is no longer human. Nick is going to have to kill his sister or allow another bloodthirsty creature roam the nights.

~ by nicmarray on December 8, 2009.

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