30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust – Part 6

It was heart wrenching, it was melodramatic, and it was bloody. Dust to Dust brought all of these things and more to the story of siblings Nick and Sara.

Gina arrives at the house, startling Nick and George. She is still shaken up from the vampire attack, cleaning herself up in the bathroom. Something must have been going on between Nick and Gina, I hadn’t noticed the sexual tension between them until she mentioned that she knew where the towels were.

Gina turns in the shower, startled and attacked by Sara. I admit, I was actually startled when Gina turned around as she felt someone watching her. Nick and George investigate, finding Sara and arguing over destroying her.

The vampires cut the power, attacking George and Nick while Sara is handcuffed to the shower. George gets manhandled by blond spiky vamp, who rips the combination tattoo from his flesh. The other vampire gets pushed outside by Sara who has escaped the handcuffs, where the sun is shining and he is destroyed.

Sara sacrifices herself against Nick’s wishes. Poor Nick, he is all alone. Until George stands up with his eyes completely black. Ole Georgie ended up a vampire after all, and the webisode ends with Nick pointing his gun at George.

Dust to Dust was amazing, it might have something to do with the melodramatic moments or it might have something to do with the level of carnage shown. It tugged at my heartstrings a bit, but it also delivered on the gore and the scare.


~ by nicmarray on December 9, 2009.

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