Fear Itself – Community

Won’t you be my neighbor? And my mother used to say the Mr. Rogers was creepy when I watched him as a child. He had conversations with puppets: Guilty. He had a soft, yet creepy comforting voice: Guilty. However, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood never had acts of public humiliation or some twisted love of perfection.

The third episode of Fear Itself is about Bobby and Tracy, a young married couple looking to start a family. They move to the Commons, a wonderful place to raise a family. The Commons is a seemingly perfect planned community; however, the young married couple find out the hard way that their neighbors will go to any lengths to preserve their twisted sense of perfection.

Being watched, Bobby and Tracy become more and more concerned when the subject of their lack of child-bearing becomes public knowledge to their neighbors. They certainly did not read the fine print in their contract with the Commons, they must produce a child within a specific time period or eviction.

Fear Itself produced another mind-altering episode, where Bobby turns out being the only sane person left out of his marriage and his friendships. Poor Bobby, even his wife is singing the praises of the Commons to an unsuspecting newly arrived couple once they return to their gated community. Get out you poor bastards, while you still can!

The suburbs are evil, any gated community is filled with busybody know-it-alls who are always in each other’s business. That is the simple fact that I learned from watching Fear Itself and its episode about Bobby and Tracy’s pursuit of suburban perfection.

Those poor fools, stuck inside the community with no way out. Tracy embraced the “Stepford” lifestyle forced upon them once they signed the lease for a home in the Commons. However, Bobby is left wheelchair bound and willful, never to leave even though that is all he wants to do.

Community was fun for me to watch, much more psychologically and emotionally chilling. Bobby and Tracy just wanted to start a family like any newly married couple, and they did, but in a community that ridicules publicly, punishes viciously, and conceals the truth behind its sick and twisted family values.


~ by nicmarray on December 13, 2009.

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