Twas the Night for Bloodshed – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Anyone who enjoys the holiday of Christmas embraces it by viewing a number of films before the holiday season ends, it is the holiday season film fest that must be checked twice before New Year’s Day hits. The Nightmare Before Christmas is the film that makes that holiday season film fest for me, viewing it once or twice during the time period between Halloween and Christmas since it hit the shelves in video stores on VHS. It is a holiday favorite of mine, both for Halloween and for Christmas because it combines those holidays in a vision of snow and of jack-o-lanterns.

Not only does The Nightmare Before Christmas combine these holidays for me, making it viewable for each, but it combines my favored genres in film: horror and musical. Horror is my passion, but I am a rapid fan of musicals, which has embarrassed and sometimes disgusted my father who is a horror fan through and through. The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ music and songs were composed by Danny Elfman, who actually performed the singing of Jack Skellington.

Top 5 Holiday Moments in the Film

1. Jack Skellington arrives in Christmas town, lost in a sea of snowflakes and of twinkle lights. He disguises himself as a snowman, his skeleton face like a round ball of snow for the head of the snowman.

2. Jack tries to better understand and to explain Christmas by using the scientific method. This always makes me smile because it reminds me of science class and learning the scientific method to experiment and to learn how things work.

3. Dr. Finkelstein, which is a nice play on Dr. Frankenstein, is given the task of constructing reindeer for Jack’s sleigh. Using electricity and skeletal remains, Dr. Finkelstein with help from his loyal sidekick Igor creates skeletal reindeer to pull Jack’s sleigh for the Christmas holiday.

4. Sally creates a foggy Christmas, trying to keep Jack from bringing his backward, horror-filled Christmas to everyone. However, Zero, Jack’s faithful dog, has a bright nose that is a jack-o-lantern, beaming in the foggy mess. Zero plays the part of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer to lead the sleigh through the fog to deliver presents to all of the children.

5. Deadly Christmas presents attack the unsuspecting children, who just wanted to enjoy a normal Christmas without any real surprises. Poor kids never knew what they were missing with these horrifying presents, but I must say that I love the first reactions to the shrunken head present: Endless screams from the parents and a confused look on the little boy’s face.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a holiday tradition for me. Though it is not horrifying in the least, it is part of the horror genre for me. It is subtle, and it did have some parts that startled me as a child because I was only in 1st grade when this little gem came out in theaters. The Nightmare Before Christmas is tradition, being viewed from Halloween to Christmas because it combines those holidays in such a genuine way.

Jack just wants to experience something new and exciting: Christmas. Experience it with him, but if musicals make you cringe I would avoid watching The Nightmare Before Christmas this holiday season or any other.


~ by nicmarray on December 15, 2009.

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