The Bandit of Sanity Review

Being a psychologist, Daniel is meticulous, controlled, and slowly losing his mind. Losing chunks of time during his daily life, Daniel is completely aware of those missing spans of time in his life. Test after test show nothing physically wrong with him; however, mentally Daniel is slipping further and further from the man he once was.

“The Bandit of Sanity” by Roberta Lannes, another short from Dark Delicacies, tells the story of Daniel and his sanity file, a psychologist with his own set of issues. Daniel cannot figure out the trigger behind his bouts of missing time, though his associates and doctors believe that he may be developing schizophrenia or worse multiple-personality disorder.

Not until dear Daniel sleeps do we learn about Justin. Justin was one of his earlier patients when Daniel was not consumed by his practice, his work, and his family; Justin was a young man who Daniel misdiagnosed. Justin killed himself years ago without Daniel knowing, being swamped by other patients and moving to a new practice.

 This short story was much more sexual compared with previous stories, but it was necessary for the portrayal of Justin. No one understood Justin, not even his psychologist Daniel, who was supposed to help him. Justin just wanted to be loved, to be held. No worries, Justin will always be with Daniel now. “The Bandit of Sanity” is psychologically thrilling and quite frightening when Daniel does not know what is truly happening, but what makes it even better is when Daniel realizes why and embraces it.


~ by nicmarray on December 16, 2009.

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