Fear Itself – The Sacrifice

Sacrifice your life, sacrifice your dignity, and sacrifice an hour to watch this episode of Fear Itself. Two brothers, Point and Lemon, along with two of their friends, end up stranded at an old fort and slowly discover that the three sisters who reside there are hiding a deadly secret that may sacrifice their lives.

The old fort in which the majority of the story takes place is familiar, it is reminiscent of the fort used in Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning. The fenced in areas within the fort walls and the archway into the small housing buildings, it all reminds me of the fort in the third installment of the Ginger Snaps franchise. Who knows, it may be the same set, but I digress.

The three sisters are all blonde bombshells even though they have not left the walls of the fort since it was established. They may have never seen the ocean or watched a movie, but they do seem to know the art of makeup and hair products. Regardless, the one sister named Virginia is quite the femme fatale, feigning innocence and seducing the men one by one to sacrifice them to the creature that haunts the fort.

The creature happens to be a vampire, which means every person that is bitten or fed from must be staked through the heart before he/she turns into a vampire. And the creature along with the three sisters happen to be from Romania, the vampire stowed away on the ship that they traveled on. Could this plot and dialogue get even more predictable? I snorted when the eldest sister Chelsea mentioned where they came from, “Romania, seriously,” I could not stop my reaction.

However, The Sacrifice had some good moments and the actors were not bad, even with the nerdy Lemon and his nervous speeches that irritated me. His character was awkward and the dialogue did not help his likeability for me. Point and Chelsea are the only survivors, but even they cannot escape the walls of the fort.


~ by nicmarray on December 18, 2009.

One Response to “Fear Itself – The Sacrifice”

  1. As I read your reviews of Fear Itself I was wondering if you’ve seen any of the films from the Masters of Horror series from Showtime? In my humble opinion, even the worst of that series is better than Fear Itself…you should really check it out! There are a lot of great episodes like John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns (which features Boondock Saint Norman Reedus) and an episode called “Family” directed by John Landis (of American Werewolf in London fame). Even the most ridiculous episode, Takashi Miike’s infamous banned episode, “Imprint” is so astronomically and awesomely bad that it somehow becomes good…sort of. The good thing about the series is that it’s not restrained by any sort of network TV rating. There are buckets and buckets of blood, (especially in one of my favorite and most bizarre episodes, Dario Argento’s “Pelts”–beware this episode is completely baffling and probably only appeals to fans of Meat Loaf and/or Dario Argento…or boobs. There’s lots of boobs in that episode.) and copious amounts of good ol’ fashioned cursing. Good stuff, totally underrated.

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