My Thing Friday Review

Brian Lumley’s My Thing Friday from the anthology of terror and the macabre Dark Delicacies narrates the tale of Greg Griffiths, the lone survivor of the Albert Einstein: The space ship hailing from the Greater Mars Orbital Station.

Griffiths is a mere engineer, or how he lovingly describes himself a grease monkey, who must learn to survive on this alien world that the space ship crashed on. The tale is told in his own words through a voice journal he kept during the duration of his survival on the planet.

However, the story is much more about his interactions with the beings of the planet rather than a tale of survival. Humanlike pink creatures roam the forests surrounding the clearing where the space ship landed, and birdlike pink creatures and hog-like pink creatures meander around the wreckage.

Griffiths, being a simple engineer, does not realize until it is too late how these docile humanlike pink creatures are the dominant species on the planet. His voice journal ends abruptly with his dying words and the reader finally realizes why the humanlike pink creatures held such a reverence for the dead, including Griffiths’ crew members.

 This short story was not what I expected, I certainly had some theories when it came to those humanlike pink creatures that Griffiths simply called the Pinks. However, it was not scary at all. The short story had some tension-filled moments, but overall it did not measure to my expectations. My Thing Friday had some potential, but it never quite pushed me over the edge into fear.

~ by nicmarray on December 26, 2009.

One Response to “My Thing Friday Review”

  1. I agree. I just finished the story myself. It was good, with moments of tension, but not a horror story. Indeed, none of the stories that I’ve read in Dark Delicacies have been very horrific so far. However, “My Thing Friday,” did make for a good, if not frightening, read.

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