Out Twelve-Steppin’, Summer of AA Review

Rock star legends Dwight and Angelo of Cannibal Cats are much more than the regular attendees of AA meetings in Hollywood. Nancy Holder’s tale centers around the rock star duo and their addictions.

Dwight is so dependent on his “blood brother” Angelo that he follows his fellow rock star to AA meetings without a second thought. Angelo wants to change even though deep down he has no desire to stop his addiction. Dwight never wants to stop, manipulating situations to turn his fellow rock star back to their shared addiction.

The rock stars of Cannibal Cats are really cannibals, using AA meetings to fit their addiction of eating human flesh. Using the twelve step program, Angelo wants to quit eating human flesh and Dwight is merely along for the ride. Dwight and Angelo have been eating the flesh of women exclusively for years, being as discreet as possible when avoiding the paparazzi and the public as famous rock stars.

Dwight is severely dependent on Angelo, never questioning their attendance of AA meetings even though Dwight has no desire to stop. He follows Angelo’s lead until he makes the conscious decision to break his dependency and to manipulate Angelo to believe that the danger of being found out isn’t enough for them to quit.

Out Twelve-Stepping’, Summer of AA was not what I expected, but I seriously did not know what to expect with the title of Nancy Holder’s tale. Dwight is certifiable, which is highlighted at the end of the short story with his manipulation and mayhem. The short story ended abruptly, but it only dealt with the Cannibal Cats’ lives during their summer in AA. I enjoyed this tale of the underbelly of stardom, the aged rock stars secretly feasting on human flesh.

Note: I enjoyed the shout out to Dark Delicacies bookstore in this short story immensely.

~ by nicmarray on December 30, 2009.

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