Happy New Year’s Eve

Wishing you Happy New Year’s Eve from gruesome little me! With the coming new year, plans are being made for Gruesome Details and the year of 2010.

I wanted to send some well wishes to others as they celebrate the coming new year and inform readers on what is to continue and what is to come on Gruesome Details.

Reviews, greatest film moments, taglines, and the review series for Dark Delicacies and Fear Itself will be continuing alongside some new series.

New series coming to Gruesome Details in 2010:

  • Grimm’s Grimmest – sharing and reviewing some of the original tales from the Grimm brothers as gruesome and ghastly as they were meant to be.
  • Diabolical Deviants – highlighting villains from horror films, including memorable kills and quotes (bi-weekly or monthly). Special Disney villain posts will be included in this series, some freaked children out and others merely made them snicker.
  • Women in Horror Month event (Horrifying Femme Fatale) – profiling female characters in horror films with recognizable quotes and featured films as specific characters, including Ripley and Mrs. Voorhees to name a few (February is Women in Horror Month).
  • Book reviews – full horror novel reviews, including Dean Koontz’s Strangers and Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide.

Here’s to a new year for everyone in the horror blogosphere!

~ by nicmarray on December 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Happy New Year’s Eve”

  1. sound amazing!!!!! can’t wait

  2. […] Details is participating in this month-long event, which I mentioned in the New Year’s Eve post. Profiling some of the amazing female characters from the horror genre by yours truly, gruesome […]

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