Fear Itself – Family Man

You should be able to trust your family, but a near-death experience can change a person. It literally changed a likeable family man in this episode of Fear Itself.

Dennis Mahoney is the poster child for what a family man is, doting on his wife and children and offering his services to the community. Until he finds himself in the hospital, no one can see Dennis except for a man named Richard Brautigan. Both of them are in the hospital, experiencing a taste of death until the medical team brings them back to the living.

But something is wrong when he opens his eyes, Dennis is no longer in his body and the man he met is none other than “The Family Man Killer.” Dennis is in the body of a serial killer, and the serial killer resides in his body.

Dennis is trapped in prison as Richard walks around on the outside with Dennis’ face, parading into the prison as his own visitor. Richard begins to act more and more violent with the family, frightening Dennis’ wife and children.

Escaping prison is Dennis’ last resort, he can only think of his family’s well-being and Richard’s volatile personality. The family men face off in the Mahoney house, ending with both of them dying once more.

Dennis is resuscitated, back in his rightful body and running upstairs to find his beloved family. His wife and son are murdered, slain by Richard. But there is a survivor: his daughter. The little girl points to Dennis when the police ask who did the horrible things to her mother and brother.

This episode was another psychological thriller that I enjoyed. Knowing what Richard was capable of and knowing Dennis is completely helpless to stop him, Family Man is one of my favorite episodes of the television series.

~ by nicmarray on January 2, 2010.

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