Paranormal Activity Review

Paranormal Activity is another horror film shot in the faux documentary style, which has given me pounding headaches and thrilling shivers of anticipation in the past. It tells the tale of a young couple who are being haunted by some sort of entity in their home, but many readers are well aware of that.

After months of anticipation for the DVD release, I was excited to see the film that had spurned people out of the theatre or claimed that it did. The film was good, bringing high tension and thrills with each darkened shot of Micah and Katie’s bedroom.

However, I was never frightened enough to dash from the room, but that may have something to do with the lights being on and the lack of darkness pressing upon me. Paranormal Activity delivered the thrills and chills of a real haunting, and it certainly made me jump at times.

But the film was almost ruined by the incessant bitching of Katie and the nonstop douchery of Micah. Watching the film the first time, I was struck by how much of what the entity (demon) did was in response to Micah’s incessant threats.

To put it bluntly, every time Micah opened his mouth I wanted to reach into the television screen and punch his lights out. Really listen to him, he sounds like a complete idiot even though he is correct: Katie never mentioned she was haunted before they moved in together.

Katie was only mildly annoying when she was screaming at Micah, which seemed like every other scene, and when she forced him to hand over his balls in response to the Ouija board debacle. However, Micah was the main reason I was reluctant to watch the film for a second round.

Micah is a grade-A tool, being the main reason why I can only say that the film was merely good instead of great. But enough about the fly in the ointment of Paranormal Activity, let’s talk about the tension and the thrills that made this film enjoyable.

The eerie stillness of the bedroom and the pounding of the base when the demon stalked Katie in the night, I never really knew where to look on the screen when watching the film for the first and second time.

Viewers knew when something was about to happen, but the anticipation of not knowing exactly when made Paranormal Activity. It is part of the equation for a chunk of films in the horror genre, mostly it is highlighted by haunting music.

However, Paranormal Activity thrives in the eerie silence of those moments before something frightening and quite hostile happens. It made me tense, which usually triggers me to jump quite drastically when the big bad of the film makes its move.

The best scene of the film for me was when Katie is pulled from the bed, kicking and screaming down the hallway. It was brilliant, especially when Micah finally manages to get to his feet and the bedroom door slams shut.

Paranormal Activity brought the fear that instinctual fear that comes with the unknown and the unseen. But if I had been that demon, I would have killed that bastard Micah a helluva lot sooner.

~ by nicmarray on January 4, 2010.

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