Bloody Mary Morning Review

It’s a morning ritual for George Whitaker, a Bloody Mary in the morning. And it seems that George Whitaker has another ritual that he will be performing. However, nothing is what it seems in John Farris’ Bloody Mary Morning.

Riding in his limousine for another day at the office, George is badmouthing his lovely wife Lisa. George is a brash Texan with a no-nonsense attitude; he’s a wealthy businessman.

George stops his lovely wife before she can step out of the limousine, giving her a gift that she will never forget: A bullet to the forehead. George dispatches his driver before leaving the limo behind to walk the few blocks to his offices.

That is when his life turns decidedly worse, especially when George ends up in an elevator with a woman with a little girl, a black woman with her little dog, and a young couple. George left the limousine with a blood stain on his glasses, which begins dripping blood profusely.

George is utterly calm during these escapades, including the elevator stopping because of the storm brewing outside and the yapping dog that sinks its teeth into his cheek. George shoots the little dog, leaving his fellow elevator passengers in a state of panic and fear.

George makes this short story from Dark Delicacies, but the real mastermind is his wife Lisa. The ending is just too good for me to give away, even though it is an obvious twist ending. Bloody Mary Morning delivered on the gore and the macabre, especially when the little dog is hanging from George’s cheek even in death.

~ by nicmarray on January 6, 2010.

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