Fear Itself – Something With Bite

Bringing some spotlight on the local lycanthropy, Something With Bite tells the story of a humdrum veterinarian who is living day-to-day doing the bare minimum.

Wilbur Orwell is walking around in a daze, being a husband, a father, and a veterinarian until one night he is bitten by a strangely large animal that is injured and brought into the clinic. Once bitten, Wilbur begins to see his stale life and the rest of the world differently.

Animal attacks begin escalating around town, Wilbur may be unknowingly killing others when he transforms and does not fully understand what the bite means. However, his inner beast is more of a loveable dog rather than a vicious wolf.

Wilbur could have been the vicious animal at night, but the real attacker is much more sinister and psychologically damaged than expected. Wilbur is just a simple veterinarian finally embracing his life with this new side of himself.

Something With Bite was campy and much more about the laughs than the scares. Never once did I look for the attempted thrills or chills, the funny moments in this episode of Fear Itself were the only worthwhile events.


~ by nicmarray on January 7, 2010.

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