Jennifer’s Body Review

Directed by Karyn Kusama

Starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried

Jennifer’s Body tells the story of a cheerleader who is possessed by a demon after a botched sacrifice to Satan. But the film focuses more on the relationship between Jennifer and her best friend Needy, which fluctuates from frenemies to inappropriately close besties.

Calling each other names of feminine-related products was not enough, Needy and Jennifer had some sort of psychic link. What the hell was that? It was never explained!

Needy a.k.a. the Kicker, K-I-C-K-E-R (it says so on her chart), is the narrator of this tale of her former best friend who offs her male classmates one by one, including Needy’s sweet, unassuming boyfriend.

Overflowing with strange slang invented for the film alone, Jennifer’s Body could not be anything more than a teen horror flick for the 00s. Satanic rituals and Megan Fox aside, Jennifer’s Body is an uncanny tale of loyalty and devotion between friends.

However, let’s go through the elements of the film that annoyed me to no end. Case in point – Adam Brody as a guitarist and lead singer of a band hellbent at making it in the music business, so driven that he and his band mates are sacrificing to Satan to make their dreams come true.

The same Adam Brody who played Seth Cohen on The O.C.! Never could I ever take him serious as a creeper and manscara-wearing rocker from an indie rock band, come on! His casting alone was completely ridiculous, and do not get me started on the misuse of witchcraft resource books in this film (it is not Satan-worshipping).

For all the makeup and the legitimate non-glossiness of her hair, Megan Fox cannot look ugly or frumpy. It makes me gag, especially considering how long she probably was in makeup to look semi-ugly. Regardless if beating her with an ugly stick is the only real method of making her even remotely ugly, Megan Fox’s Jennifer racks up a decent body count in this film.

Jennifer’s victims (sadly clichés and stereotypes):

Ahmet – the foreign exchange student from India

Jonas – the slow-witted football jock

Colin – the sensitive man (the emo)

Chip – best friend’s boyfriend

Jennifer’s Body‘s ultimate savior for me is Needy and her wicked badass ways. Ultimately, she gets revenge on the bastards who sacrificed her best friend (and along the way came a cameo from Lance Henriksen). Even through everything, Needy goes after the band that ruined her best friend’s life, which caused Jennifer to become possessed and to kill her boyfriend Chip.

Speaking of Chip, was it necessary to name Needy’s boyfriend after an animated tea-cup from Beauty and the Beast? Because every time his name was spoken on screen, my mind went straight to that jumping tea-cup that was merely a boy under an enchantment.

And after viewing the film for a second time, Jennifer’s Body is really about the relationship between Needy and Jennifer and their bond of friendship, even if it is filled with drama and backstabbing and demon possession. Girls, even friends, can be catty, and high school is the breeding ground for demonic behavior even without possession.

Fun fact: Jennifer is rocking an Evil Dead shirt in Needy’s room with an Evil Dead poster hanging on the wall in the background.

~ by nicmarray on January 10, 2010.

One Response to “Jennifer’s Body Review”

  1. I have yet to see this movie, but my hopes were high considering it was written by Diablo Cody. After reading your review I think I may still rent it just for the hell of it.

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