A Gentleman of the Old School Review

Solange Barendis is a up-and-coming reporter hellbent on furthering her career in journalism at the local paper. And a recent string of gruesome murders is her ticket to the top of the reporting food chain.

However, her research and knowhow leads Solange to the mysterious Count and his polite yet close-lipped houseman Roger. Relentlessly, Solange pursues an interview with the elusive Count because of his connection to the heinous murders.

Written by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, A Gentleman of the Old School is not the average vampire short story, considering that the vampire angle is never fully revealed.

It is heavily implied, but the murders themselves could easily be a human. But the murder is not solved before the end of the short story, instead Solange is merely directed to a member of the forensic team that is not being conclusive with the blood evidence.

A Gentleman of the Old School was more of a mystery, but the mystery is never solved for the reader. And the seemingly budding relationship between the Count and the reporter was not elaborated on enough to be construed as overly romantic. Overall, the short story just did not cut it for me. However, if the story was expanded on it would be an intriguing novel.

~ by nicmarray on January 12, 2010.

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