Fear Itself – Chance

Chance is another doppelgänger story, such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Chance Miller is down on his luck, three months behind in the rent with another quick money scheme. His last hope rests on an antique vase that he takes to a collector, who offered him a sizeable amount of money for it a few days ago.

However, Chance is worse off than expected when the collector refuses to pay him more than $5,000 for the antique vase. Chance lashes out and attacks the collector, which ends with the collector being knocked out.

Hearing a noise outside of the collector’s office, Chance investigates and finds a man who looks exactly like him. Chance returns to the office and finds the collector moving toward the phone.

Chance beats him to death with an antique cane, after which his doppelgänger appears again and congratulates him. Following this first murder, Chance commits more murder with his “evil twin” appearing again.

Chance is another Fear Itself episode that brought the fear within the mind out to play. Chance fights himself, but his “evil twin” wins in the end. Giggling wickedly, Chance smiles when the police arrive and put him in the police car.

Chance seems weak, especially when he cannot save his girlfriend from himself. His normal, antipsychotic personality is quite whiny and annoying; but his “evil twin” is nothing short of diabolical.

~ by nicmarray on January 25, 2010.

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