Legion Quick Review

Directed by Scott Stewart

Legion tells the story of the apocalypse where an out-of-the-way dinner becomes the battleground for the survival of the human race.

The film’s trailer made me think that I was in for some serious action and some thrilling scares, but the dialogue overwhelmed me for the first half of the film. Boy, did I have expectations that were not met!

And the best scenes with the angel-possessed human vessels were revealed in the trailers, including the old woman and the ice cream man (played by Doug Jones).

Something occurred to me when watching Legion, somebody must have watched Terminator: It could have been the opening with the arrival of Michael or it could have been the ending with the car filled with weapons driving through the desert. And after the child was born, I immediately thought of Terminator with the subsequent dialogue.

Legion had potential, much more than the end product. I enjoyed it for what it was and it had some great scenes, but the ending seemed a bit rushed and the unneccessary dialogue about what was happening was enough for me to wish for the apocalypse to come sooner.

~ by nicmarray on January 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Legion Quick Review”

  1. Is this another instance of studio bait and switch? Wonderful trailer, not-so-wonderful movie…

  2. Around the web there a lot of review that tell Legion is : “not so bad movie”, but other website tell “not so good movie” 😀
    Thanks for your opinion ^^

  3. man this movie was freaken awesome 😀 i loved it i think theres a part 2 hopefully :3 its got me scared a few times it sad and shocking and crazy but damn the main dark angel he so hot ! omg 😀 i would love for a guy to have a tatto like it 😀 but yea epic cool awesome excalent movie

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