Creepshow Review

Directed by George A. Romero

Creepshow presents five tales of terror in this cult classic horror anthology that spawned two sequels.

Horror anthologies are amazing to me! It is strange to believe that with my love of back stories, I am a huge horror anthology fan. But this sub-genre of horror really appeals to me.

Creepshow presents a single issue of Creepshow, a comic book introduced in an opening segment with an overbearing father, a concerned gentile mother, and a young boy with a passion for horror (Love the Dracula poster above his bed).

The film transitions from one story to the next like the pages in a comic books, flipping the pages of the comic book brutally thrown in the garbage for next day pickup. And the stories had comic book frames integrated through each tale of horror.

The stories of Creepshow:

  1. Father’s Day
  2. The Lonesome Death of Jordy Veryll
  3. Something To Tide You Over
  4. The Crate
  5. They’re Creeping Up On You

Instead of summarizing the events of each story, I will be discussing my top 3 scenes of the entire horror anthology film.

From The Crate, the meticulous way that Henry Northrup cleans the college lab while awaiting the arrival of his dear wife Wilma. It is quite obvious what he intends to do, luring his wife with a note and baiting her with his words. And Wilma (just call me Billie) is such a bitch, Henry was just at the end of his rope.

From They’re Creeping Up On You, those cockroaches emerging from the dead body of Mr. Pratt was disgusting. While watching the last story of the comic book issue, I was quite certain that those bugs were just in his mind. And those cockroaches crawling all over his white apartment, I admit I shuddered a bit when the lights went out.

From Father’s Day, the scene is simple, subtle, and creepy. It is the scene that shows the moon, the craters forming the haunting image of a skull. And it may have gone unnoticed by some viewers, which makes it even better.

Excuse the moon landing pun but I could not stop myself, especially when Creepshow is such an amazing horror anthology.

Bringing some chills and thrills, unleashing a creature and bringing back the dead, Creepshow also brought together Stephen King and George A. Romero, writer and director respectively.

I loved Creepshow! But I will have to watch and see if that love can extend to the two sequels it spawned.


~ by nicmarray on January 29, 2010.

One Response to “Creepshow Review”

  1. Romero and King are a great combo! This is an awesome flick. Let us know how you like the sequels. I didn’t care for them. They’re not terrible, per se. But the first is so good, the followups are kinda pointless.

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