Vote And A Note

First and foremost, I want everyone to head over to Bloody-Disgusting to cast your vote on your favorite horror blog, whether it is Gruesome Details or any other of the amazing blogs nominated.

There is a stipulation, you must be a registered user on the site to cast your vote. However, do not be spurned away by that requirement.

Click on the image and check out the other amazing horror blogs that are nominees of Bloody-Disgusting’s Horror Blogger Awards.

On another note, this February is the first Women in Horror recognition month. Check out WiH Month online, the brain child of Hannah Neurotica who is the creator and editor of Ax Wound: Gender & The Horror Genre.

Some of my fellow female horror bloggers are contirbuting to the celebration and recognition of women in horror, including Chris from Fascination With Fear, Rhonny Reaper from Dollar Bin Horror, BJ-C from Day of the Woman, and Sarah from Fatally-Yours just to name a few.

Gruesome Details is participating in this month-long event, which I mentioned in the New Year’s Eve post. Profiling some of the amazing female characters from the horror genre by yours truly, gruesome little me.

Debating, researching, and discussing these femme fatales of the horror genre, I will be profiling at least two amazing female characters each week, ranging from the easily forgotten to the scream queens of the ages. Look for these along with regular updates and weekly Grimm fairytales on Sunday in February!

~ by nicmarray on January 29, 2010.

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