Fear Itself – The Spirit Box

The Spirit Box is another ghost story from Fear Itself.

Two friends in high school, Shelby and Becca, create a homemade Ouija-board known as a Spirit Box. It’s all fun and games on Halloween night until the two friends are contacted by a recently deceased classmate.

The classmate died from an apparent suicide, but Shelby and Becca receive a message from the Spirit Box that points toward murder. The two friends start investigating the death of their classmate, Emily, encountering her ghost at school.

Contacting Emily once again with the Spirit Box, Shelby and Becca receive a message that spells the name of the gym teacher at school.

Shelby investigates his home with Becca outside in the safety of her car, breaking and entering.

He finds Shelby and she comes on to him, telling him that she cannot stop thinking about him. Believing that he had a relationship with Emily, Shelby uses that to her advantage and he gives in to her advances.

Shelby uses a taser on him, resulting in him falling down the stairs and dying. All of the evidence points to the gym teacher as the murderer of Emily, but not everything is what it seems.

This murder mystery ghost story was slightly predictable but good, Becca is utterly manipulative and Shelby is the bleeding heart that she uses to destroy the man she loved.

In the end of The Spirit Box, Becca gets what she deserves.

~ by nicmarray on February 5, 2010.

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