Horrifying Femme Fatale – Selena

Deadly when the situation calls for it.

When the “rage” virus spreads, Selena takes it upon herself to survive at any cost.

Selena and Mark find another survivor Jim, accompanying him to his parents’ home. Finding his parents committed suicide, they spend the night there.

Some of the infected discover them, and Mark is left bleeding and is likely infected. Selena kills him without batting an eyelash and she would do it again “in a heartbeat.”

But Selena learns that surviving isn’t truly enough to salvage humanity and herself.

Memorable Quotes

He was full of plans. Have you got any plans, Jim? Do you want us to find a cure and save the world or just fall in love and fuck? Plans are pointless. Staying alive’s as good as it gets. – 28 Days Later (2002)

All the death. All the shit. It doesn’t really mean anything to Frank and Hannah because… Well, she’s got a Dad and he’s got his daughter. So, I was wrong when I said that staying alive is as good as it gets. – 28 Days Later (2002)

Do you think he saw us this time? – 28 Days Later (2002)

It has been said that 28 Days Later revitalized the zombie sub-genre, though technically speaking those rampant mindless killers are infected by a virus not raised from the grave. Selena is the badass femme fatale of this film.

Surviving the quickly spread “rage” virus, Selena does not hesitate to do what is needed to be done to survive. She wields a machete like she was born with it in her hand. She is a badass plain and simple.

But she realizes that survival is nothing if you are the only person left. Selena falls in love with Jim, and she cares deeply for Hannah’s wellbeing. She’s a survivor and a protector, battling against the infected and the depraved.

~ by nicmarray on February 14, 2010.

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