Fear Itself – The Circle

The Circle is the final installment of the short-lived television series Fear Itself.

This episode tells the story of a horror novelist who receives an unexpected package. The mysterious package is his new book, but he hasn’t written it yet.

It’s Halloween night, the horror novelist’s quiet night alone with his girlfriend is interrupted by his book associates.

Once his new book arrives, his associates begin reading it without knowing the consequences.

He wanted to be a horror novelist, but it was at a cost. Over and over again like an unending circle, the events of that Halloween night is a continuous nightmare for the horror novelist and his associates.

The Circle is by far my favorite episode of Fear Itself. Discovering that they are living the story they’re reading, it is a book enthusiast’s dream come true. But in this case, it is their living nightmare.

The Circle is a never-ending nightmare that the horror novelist must live through over and over again. A fine ending to Fear Itself.

~ by nicmarray on February 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fear Itself – The Circle”

  1. I’ll have to see that.

  2. I know that this episode is online at FEARnet along with the others. It was definitely my favorite out of the series.

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