DePompa Review

William F. Nolan’s DePompa tells the story of Terence Rodriguez Antonio DePompa and his death.

Terry is a thrill seeking actor, newly divorced from his wife Margaret. Racing fast German cars, skydiving, mountain climbing, and dueling during his free time from his famed movie career.

A thrill seeker that achieves the ultimate thrill in his fiery death, racing off a cliff at nearly 170 mph.

But it is what follows his death that makes this story about more than just him and his thrill seeking. It is about the woman he left behind and the man who looks so much like him that shows up on her doorstep.

Margaret is cruel and twisted, but Terry wasn’t so much better in his treatment of her. He was too much, too intense, dying in a manner that Margaret could never replicate because of her fear. No matter what Terry was never afraid.

DePompa wasn’t so much about Terry but about the people that he affected during his life, specifically Margaret. She was never the same after being with that man even when she turned to the man who looked so much like him, a mirror image with imperfections.


~ by nicmarray on February 17, 2010.

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