Nightmares and Dreamscapes – Battleground

Part of the television mini-series of Nightmare and Dreamscapes, Battleground is based on a short horror story from Stephen King’s collection.

The first episode, Battleground, tells the story of hit man Jason Renshaw who breaks into the headquarters of a toy company and kills the manufacturer and owner.

He returns to his nicely furnished apartment with its indoor lap pool, receiving a strange package of army toys: helicopters, soldiers, and heavy artillery weapons.

Battling to survive, Jason fights against the miniature army of toy soldiers. Using his skills as a hit man, he is the ultimate one-man army against the pint-sized toy soldiers even if he sustains injuries from the buzzing helicopter blades and miniature bullets.

What really made this first episode start the mini-series with a bang was the lack of dialogue, Battleground avoids it other than grunts and cries from Jason. Nothing but the spray of artillery and the sounds of battle, I forgot that no one had said anything because it was not necessary.

Without dialogue, Battleground created a tense atmosphere, which has been seen on other horror and supernatural television shows.

I do not know if I would categorize myself as a Stephen King fan because I have yet to sit down and read any of his novels or short stories, but I have seen numerous film adaptations of his work. Several adaptations that I have enjoyed, and some that I have not.

This first episode raises the bar for the remaining seven short horror stories from Stephen King’s collection, Nightmares and Dreamscapes. The lack of dialogue and the tense atmosphere made the use of toy soldiers less silly and more devious. Remember to watch out for the covert toy soldier commando with explosives because survival is highly unlikely.

Battleground begins another horror anthology series that will be featured on Gruesome Details.


~ by nicmarray on March 11, 2010.

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