All My Bloody Things Review

Steve Niles’ All My Bloody Things is a Cal McDonald crime story.

All My Bloody Things tells the story of investigator McDonald who goes with his gut, investigating the supernatural and horror within the world.

His latest investigation involves the Hughes family who mysteriously disappeared when traveling to visit a family member.

Beginning the story with McDonald tied down with a lumbering cannibal standing over his body, All My Bloody Things turns back the clock two days to find out how he found himself in that particular situation.

McDonald is not a straight-laced investigator, but he does investigate when the police have given up or found themselves at a deadend in their investigations.

Even though McDonald drugs himself with medication and alcohol before finding the Hughes family, his high tolerance proves to save his life from the cannibal.

All My Bloody Things is really about a hardened investigator, jaded by the truth that monsters exist but the worst monsters tend to be humans. Humans are capable of being monsters and acting monstrously towards others.

This short story introduced me to another hardened investigator, exhibiting characteristics from old movie private investigators.

~ by nicmarray on March 16, 2010.

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