Near Dark Review

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow

Near Dark tells the story of a young man named Caleb who reluctantly joins a traveling gang of vampires after being bitten by the girl he tried to seduce.

Her name is Mae and she is a member of the renegade vampire gang. However, her fellow vampires are not keen on the idea of Caleb joining their ranks of the undead.

Caleb’s father and little sister are desperately trying to find Caleb after watching him be abducted in a stolen Winnebago, unknowingly tracking the vampire gang that Caleb has reluctantly joined.

Through Caleb’s journey with the renegade vampire gang, he becomes more and more enamored by Mae. But he has to prove himself by killing and feeding from the humans or Caleb’s time in the gang might end abruptly.

Near Dark brought romance and viciousness to this tale of a wayward young man and his wild ways of chasing girls and charming ladies that brought him to vampirism.

Beneath the blood and sarcastic vampires with their evasion to sunlight, this film is about the budding romance between Caleb and Mae.

I certainly would not qualify their romance as some ever lasting, end all be all romance, but it certainly has potential after the events of Near Dark.

No declarations of undying love, but we didn’t want female tweens drooling over the undead in the 80s.

We wanted blood and gore with a dash of romance if any at all when it came to vampire flicks.

Near Dark brought some fun performances from the renegade vampire gangs. Severen, Jesse Hooker, Diamondback, and Homer are more feral and vicious compared to Mae’s soft-spoken nature. They are more rambunctious when killing and feeding, showing great pleasure in the destruction.

And those vampires have no problem disposing of Caleb if he does not prove himself as a vampire and as a killer. But the farm boy from Oklahoma strikes back when they threaten his family, specifically his little sister, proving that he does not have to be a monster.

Near Dark is a vampire film with blood and romance. The vampires burst into flames in the rising sun, and Mae and Caleb can explore their lives together as humans.


~ by nicmarray on March 19, 2010.

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