Cloverfield Review

Directed by Matt Reeves

Cloverfield tells the story of a small group of survivors during a monster attack in New York, told in their point of views using a handheld video camera.

Using the faux documentary style of video taping, the events of the monster attack are shaky and at some times nausea-inducing when the small group of people learn of the monster attack and try desperately to save another person.

The film begins with footage on the tape from a trip to Coney Island, Rob and Beth waking in her apartment before leaving for a nice day-trip.

Then the shot changes to the streets, where Rob’s brother Jason and his girlfriend Lily are gathering materials for a going away party for Rob.

And it is at Rob’s going away party that everything goes down, explosions and panic fill the corridors as partygoers run to ground level of the building and outside onto the streets.

Revisiting Cloverfield this past weekend, I was struck with how much Hud states the obvious when running with the camera. Whether he is running through the streets, evading the military and the monster, or he is huddled in a room off the subway tunnels, talking to his crush Marlena.

Hud cannot help himself from stating the obvious in any and all situations.

However, I was not overrun with enough animosity to strangle the somewhat dim-witted Hud because even through the terrible flirting with Marlena and his tendency toward the obvious, he is a likeable kind of guy.

Another thought that struck me was the monster with its parasitic offspring or merely parasites is nothing more than an unexplained monster.

No information is given about the monster, nor is it revealed after the events recorded are shown.

However, I cannot say that it didn’t leave a small unsatisfied taste in my mouth even after multiple viewings. I love a good back story, but that could have ruined the feel of Cloverfield.

Cloverfield is another faux documentary, but unlike some of the other films shot in this style, it is a pure monster movie with no references to supernatural elements. Monster movies bring unrelenting ferocity, and Cloverfield brings monstrous carnage to the streets of New York.

~ by nicmarray on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cloverfield Review”

  1. This is the worst movie I have ever seen. Rating 10/100
    Gives me motion sickness and makes me so irritated after watching the movie. Worthless and waste of time. Stay away!

  2. The motion was fine in the movie, not nearly as bad as Blair Witch. If people are complaining it’s because they were dwelling on the motion and just want to complain. I see a lot of people complaining about this movie because it wasn’t dumbed down, God forbid people just enjoy a movie without having it all laid out for them first…

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