The Final Review

Directed by Joey Stewart

The Final tells the story of a group of high school outcasts who get revenge on the students who torment them.

For years these high school misfits have endured physical and mental abuse at the hands of their classmates, culminating in the events that are known simply as the final.

One of the eight films from the yearly After Dark Horrorfest main event, The Final is the first film viewed out of the latest batch.

And like the previous films released each year, the selection is mixed with somewhat decent horror flicks and not so good ones. However, never have I ever thought or believed that all of these films are to die for: Nice catchphrase though!

I will be checking out each film individually, but something else may come out of these After Dark Horrorfest viewings.

The Final delves into the high school hierarchy, featuring the obvious stereotypes: the jocks, the mean girls, the goth chick, the awkward geek. How many times have we seen this specific set of high school students in horror? How I love and loathe this practice, but I am very cynical and jaded about high school in general (ignore my miniscule rant).

The film seems like a response to the violence in high school that made headlines in the late 1990s, but that is only one interpretation. It does include issues that some high school students face, bullying and teasing until something snaps.

But the simple explanations and long-winded monologues of the so-called ringleader Dane of the high school outcasts make this exploitation film slightly uncomfortable.

The Final is more of a compelling drama than a full-blown exploitation film, which could have been more vicious and more entertaining to watch.

But awkward Dane with his deadly vendetta and suicidal tendencies made me want to chop off my own fingers, if only he would have spoken less than I could have enjoyed this film a little bit more.

The Final is disturbing and compelling, torturing viewers by showing and not showing all of the tormenting acts performed on the high school students. It made it much more compelling and varying when some of the acts were merely implied.

The Final brings up questions on what people deserve when it comes to high school, childhood, home, and life in general. What do we deserve?

~ by nicmarray on March 25, 2010.

11 Responses to “The Final Review”

  1. A thought provoking ‘torture porn’ movie? They are few but this sounds particularly interesting. Good review.

  2. As much as I hated the jocks and mean girls..i hated the outcasts just as much. Such pretentious pricks they were. How could you trivialize bullying and Columbine is such a disaster. It’s Saw 90210 is what it is.

    • Most normal people take their lives when they are in so much pain they cannot bare it. Then there are some who simply just get even to fill that hole created by others. Think this is fiction? Try “FACT” instead. How can people miss such an excellent story of personal disaster and revenge. 2 Thumbs up here. everyone is a critic.

  3. This film is the one out of the 8 that sounded the most interesting to me, but it definitely was not everything that I thought it would be. Still intriguing.

    The outcasts and their simple reasoning was what made this film so uncomfortable to watch, definitely appreciate the analogy of Saw 90210 considering Dane was an annoying, egotistical prick. I was not trivializing bullying or Columbine, it is just one interpretation of the film that definitely made it much more uncomfortable for me.

  4. The After Dark series of films always disappoint me. I’ve seen quite a few of them now and was only impressed by a couple of them. I almost sat down to watch this one last night but after scanning through it I just wasn’t in the mood.

    The whole torture porn genre is tired now. Typically lacking any story at all, the films just rely on the worst gore you can think of. I love horror flicks but even I enjoy a good story now and again.

  5. The majority of the After Dark Horrorfest series definitely disappoint, but I am one of those fans that sticks it out regardless. Even after watching another film from this batch that was just plain ridiculous, I will most likely sit down and watch them all.

    Good story always trumps gore factor, it definitely explains my lack of posting this month. I have been watching a lot of other film genres this March.

  6. From the sounds of it, this looks like a fun movie to watch. However I don’t understand how it could be thought provoking: that would imply the viewer felt something other than sheer and absolute disgust at the outcasts. Sure, getting pushed around and made fun of isn’t very nice-boo hoo, it’s high school. Doesn’t mean you can get anywhere near justifying a massacre of the populace.

    It’s like watching a normal horror film: there is only one proper side to take, there is no justification. Take that in mind and this can actually be an enjoyble horror experience.

  7. Maybe some of you have actually gotten it, maybe some of you havent. But the point is simply this. Treat others how you yourself would want to be treated. This goes much farther than bullying. This itself IS the reason the human race is so destructive, the evil and hatred we spew into others, our families, our friends. These are the feelings the emotions that breed killers.
    Excellent Flick. Excellent Story.

  8. The worst shit i’ve ever seen. DO NOT (I REPEAT) DO NOT!!!! watch this movie at any time. The worst part is when the “dead” clown comes back to life! OMFG!
    I love when one of the geeks says, WHY, WHY!! in a way that will just make you laugh.

  9. Really? I’m going to have to explain this again? Really? Nobody comes back to life.
    3 students known as the triplets were working with the outcasts by searching the grounds on motorcycles and killing the escapees. They were wearing the same costumes as 3 of the outcasts.
    Had you been paying attention at the start of the film, you would have heard Dane say this.

  10. People don’t seem to get an interesting point in this. Yes, what the outcasts did was ethically and for most it was wrong morally too. But here is what I think. What if some of the popular kids accidently went too far one day? What if they accidently killed one of the outcasts if the events in this movie world had never happened? Then they cover it up and get away with it. I wouldn’t put it past them seeing as to how they seemed to be willing to do just about anything to avoid the “bad situations” of getting hurt just to potentally save themselves. Now I ask you, if that had happened and they had gotten away with it, then who would you have sympathized with? The popular kids who got away with murder legally or the outcasts whom in the movie had not intended to kill, but only to torture? If you answered outcasts this time when before you were saying that they were horrible to do that…well I find it fascinating how someone can change their mind given different circumstances. Also, what they did was not technically consitered a massacre if that was not the intent. I am also happy to see that some of them (not Dane…really) kept true with not wanting to hurt/kill Kurtis. What my problem is is that some people don’t consider what others feel. They don’t tread in the grey area and see how much someone has to go through to be capable of something like this. They stick to the basic black and white of what they did was wrong no matter what just because it is. Point: unless you’ve been there you don’t have the right to judge. You also have no right to judge if you’ve seen the bullying happen and did nothing to stop it and got sucked into the crowd with all the other onlookers who do nothing. I love movies which have a message that should be blantantly obvious despite how it was portrayed. This too proves something valuable about the human psyche. As the character Emily put it :” See? We all have a point when we can do the unimaginable.” But that’s in any horror movie that is closer to fact than fiction. So, now that i’ve hopefully given you something to think about, I will leave you to your thoughts as I finish my psychology homework.

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