Possession Review

Directed by Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist

Possession tells the story of Jess, a workaholic wife to artist Ryan, with a work-related past involving her ex-convict brother-in-law Roman.

Her world is turned upside-down after a freak car accident sends her husband and brother-in-law in comas, but her life is thrown into a tailspin when Roman wakes up thinking he is his brother.

Recounting events and memories from Ryan and Jess’ relationship, Roman may or may not be her husband.

Ryan remains unresponsive in a coma, but his suffering body may be connected to his soul possessing his brother’s body.

However, Jess becomes more paranoid and suspicious when Roman’s girlfriend turns up missing after arriving at the house unannounced, finding out about the relationship between Roman (Ryan) and Jess.

Possession was eerie, but once again not what I expected or anticipated. After reading the plot summary printed on the back, I was certain that it was demonic possession or that something hitched a ride when her husband seemingly possessed her brother-in-law’s body.

But I was wrong, damn me for assuming, I try very hard not to when viewing a film for the first time!

It was a decent film, certainly not a full-on horror film; it was much more psychological thriller with supernatural undertones than anything else.

Possession was about more than just Jess and her relationship with her husband Ryan. It also delved into the mind of psychologically damaged and warped Roman who loved Jess, seeing her first and wishing that she could see past his past deeds.

He manipulated Jess into believing he was his brother, trying to show her that he could bring her happiness just as easily as Ryan had.

But my mind was filled with thoughts of possible demonic fiends being inside Roman, pushing me away from thinking that it was Roman himself all along.

Lee Pace really brought the creepy criminal brother-in-law to life, considering that I have seen him mostly as Ned, the pie maker of The Pie Hole from Pushing Daisies, I was a little apprehensive to see him in Possession.

But he definitely made it work for me. I am a big fan of his from the short-lived Pushing Daisies, and I have been checking out his other films as of late.

However, this is another film on the thriller/horror list that stars Sarah Michelle Gellar that does not live up to my expectations, which I will be discussing and slightly ranting about at a later date.

Possession was decent when I think about it for what it is (psychological thriller rather than full-blown horror), but my judgment is still clouded with demonic possession or demonic piggyback possession.

~ by nicmarray on March 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Possession Review”

  1. Isn’t this one of those straight to DVD releases? I don’t remember hearing about it at all but it sounds like a typical, run of the mill thriller. Can’t say I’m excited to see it.

  2. Yes, this was another straight to DVD releases, not only that but it was never advertised in any weekly ads. I just happened to find it the other day.

    It was pretty much a run of the mill thriller, but I had to check it out with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lee Pace. However, it was less than thrilling.

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