The Graves Review

Directed by Brian Pulido

Another film from After Dark Horrorfest 4, The Graves tells the story of two sisters who visit a remote mine town that turns out to be a fight for survival.

From the beginning, Abby and Megan are portrayed as kick-ass comic-loving rockers who would love nothing but something crazy and possibly supernatural to happen.

Specifically, these two sisters want one last hurrah before Megan leaves her little sister behind to become some corporate bigwig.

Finding themselves far from their desired destination, the two sisters decide to check out the local ghost-infested Skull City Mine.

Fighting for their lives from both human and supernatural baddies, the sisters deliver some ass kicking to an unseen demon and the townsfolk that worship it.

Considering that I had not investigated anything about the other 8 films to die for except The Final, I didn’t have any expectations with this film. Good thing because those sister were undoubtedly some of the most annoying protagonists I have ever seen!

I do not know if it was the comic book store introduction or the rock concert with their black leather and studded jewelry or their general attitudes throughout the film, but I desperately wanted them to die the second they took a step in Skull City Mine.

However, the supernatural baddie could not kill these sisters even with its crazy-inducing fumes and soul-sucking capabilities.

The demon’s followers could not kill Megan and Abby to be soul-sucked. No pig-nosed Bill Moseley, no robed Tony Todd could rid themselves and their town of these sisters.

Megan and Abby end up becoming monster hunters, riding off from Skull City Mine with their lives intact.

Something that was odd to me about The Graves was the strange blood effect used in the film. It was almost like the blood spray or splatter was too soon or delayed, it made me pause every time it happened on screen.

It was distracting, but there wasn’t much to be distracted from when it came to The Graves. But Bill Moseley and his pig snout definitely made me laugh!


~ by nicmarray on March 31, 2010.

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